Jim Wizard & his crew took a Baccio, VX-150 scooter from Mod Cycles, knocked off some of
the stock parts, and sculpted a big, fat, funny-looking, sow pig body around it.  Then, they gave it a
custom airbrushed paint job, a whole bunch of custom chrome, an authentic "squealing" pig horn,
and a few extras to give it the finishing touches.

    Once completed, They took the Hog Bike to Biketoberfest 2009.  There, the Hog Bike was
showcased on the streets of Daytona Beach, Florida for all to see, and to illustrate to all motorcycle
enthusiasts, the true meaning of "riding a hog".
    This build is a comical piece.  At any biker event you have a variety of people along side of their
custom machines.  You have Harley Davidson enthusiasts and biker group members.  You have
custom bike builders and their high-end, award winning, showroom creations.  Then, you have the
comical bikes.  Tricked-out 3 wheelers with fiberglass hamburger bodies, bikes covered in animal
pelts, morphed bikes with a front end of a bike & the rear end of a Mustang, etc.  The "Hog Bike" is
another ring in the comical bike circus.
9-25-09 (Before Paint)
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The producers would like to personally thank all of the
great people that are joining in, to support the success of
this program.  Also, a very special thanks to these great
companies whose very generous contributions will help
this show become the greatest it can be.  You truly are the
fabric of reputable business.

"There's no reward in life without risk" - Barry J. Farber
    "After arriving at Biketoberfest 2009, we soon realized that all of our hard work was really
going to pay off.  I never seen anything like it...  It was unbelievable!  I never seen so many people
gather around & take interest in something like this... Thousands and thousands of people took
pictures...  Hundreds of people posed on or with the Hog Bike...  There were over 100,000 bikes
at this event, but this bike got the most attention.  We did interviews, answered questions and
everyone loved it!  If our first project for Wizard's Workshop got this kind of exposure, I can't wait
to see what happens after our next builds."
  - Jim Wizard